Why do ‘good girls’ prefer ‘bad boys?’



I don’t think we are attracted to ‘bad boys’ in as much as we are attracted to confidence. And bad boys have a lot of confidence and charm in them. In an evolutionary perspective, women are drawn to these so-called ‘bad boys’ because they exude manliness and mystery. The promise of adventure and a break from the monotony of life are usually the reasons why women are attracted to them.


If I am to assume that “bad boys” are the guys who appear so tough and those who value their ego too much that they end up hurting the girls, I say, it must be because of some “Messiah complex,” a term I heard from a friend, which refers to the tendency to want to save damsels in distress or some guys who seem to have some emotional issues. “Good girls” being good, they usually want to help and save the day. A guy with a tough exterior must be hiding some sweet and soft personality deep down. Miss Good Girl will definitely want to peel off that tough exterior (especially when she thinks it’s worth the effort) and appreciate that rare kindness and vulnerability Mr. Bad Boy has. There’s the belief and hope that something good is just lying beneath that surface. Isn’t it charming when the girl has so much faith in you?


I don’t think this is always true. But for the purpose of this question, I guess good girls prefer bad boys, because the former seek for what they don’t have. A good girl wouldn’t look for a good boy if she wants some excitement and something new in her life. Good girl + bad boy puts dimension in a relationship.

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