The Big “C”

I didn’t know the specifics of the disease, only that I had an ominous feeling about it. The topic was briefly discussed in my biology class during my high school days: the cells in the body suddenly have a mind of their own, reproducing at an alarmingly fast rate without the body’s permission, from a faulty gene in the body. Perhaps I possessed a certain degree of … Continue reading The Big “C”


When I turned 18, I thought this was the milestone I’ve been waiting for, that every birthday after that would all be the same until that next milestone. Somehow after that 18th year, the transition is quite easy. You’ve been initiated into adulthood and people basically expect you to act like one thereon. What is it about turning 23 that is significant anyway? Adele made … Continue reading 23

Quiddity - 29 things

29 Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys

Disclaimer: I do not pretend to speak for males everywhere. Every guy is unique, and I’m sure there is at least one observation here that you’ll disagree with. 1. The first thing a guy notices about a girl is her personality. Ok even I couldn’t say that with a straight face but believe me that guys aren’t as visual as you think. They don’t need … Continue reading 29 Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys

 When they say “Leave me alone”, do they actually mean the opposite? If so, why can’t they just be direct to the point? -Gelo Karryl Yeah, I guess we do often mean the opposite of what we say. We have a thing for reverse psychology. For some reason, we like saying “leave me alone,” because it feels good to be wooed. In other words, gusto … Continue reading