Quiddity - 29 things

29 Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys

Quiddity - 29 things

Disclaimer: I do not pretend to speak for males everywhere. Every guy is unique, and I’m sure there is at least one observation here that you’ll disagree with.

1. The first thing a guy notices about a girl is her personality. Ok even I couldn’t say that with a straight face but believe me that guys aren’t as visual as you think. They don’t need model good looks, just cute enough to be physically attractive. A nice cover can get the guy to read the book, but the content is what gets the guy to stay interested.

2. If you think guys are shallow about weight then you must think girls are shallow about height. How many guys have you liked that were shorter than you?

3. Guys will do anything and everything to get alone time with you, but if it’s really hard, please give him a helping hand.

4. One of the hardest things for a guy to do is to approach a group of girls. Do you know why the concept of a wingman is so popular? It’s so he can get rid of your friends.

5.Don’t judge us for knowing who Maria Ozawa is. We’re guys.

6. Most guys actually appreciate girls who sometimes do the first move. It shows that you aren’t timid.

7. Guys actually like girls who eat and have some filling. In fact, what girls consider attractively thin and what guys consider attractively thin are about 5 pounds apart. No one likes a skeleton.

8. If he texts you good morning or good evening EVERY day, he likes you. Period. No guy is that nice.

9. Guys may like texting or chatting with you but it’s no substitute for face-to-face alone time with you.

10. We like girls who have a high opinion of themselves, but not those who think they can get any guy they want. Don’t be feeling.

11. When a guy admits to his friends he likes a girl, it means he really does.

12. Men actually appreciate it when they aren’t always the ones who text or chat first.

13. If you talk a lot about another guy, no matter how innocent, we’ll assume you like them. So unless you want us to give us that impression, keep the talk to a minimum.

14. In that same vein, talking about your ex or even guys you dated weirds us out unless we understand its something personal you want to share.

15. Many guys, unless specifically asked if they’re seeing someone, will make it seem like they’re still single.

16. If he likes you, a smile and some eye contact can get him to do anything.

17. Guys aren’t mind readers. You may ask “why is he so insensitive” but if you don’t say you have a problem, we’ll assume everything is alright.

18. Please don’t overanalyze what we do. A lot of things we do we did because we just felt like it.

19. While a lot of guys are jerks, the majority aren’t. It’s just that confidence is very attractive (in both sexes) and jerks have a lot of that so they stick out.

20. Guys love girls who laugh at their jokes. Chances are if you find him funny, he finds you fun.

21. If a guy is serious about you, he’ll try to good shot your friends. He wants your friends to have a good opinion of him.

22. While it’s easier for everyone, his friends don’t necessarily have to like you. If he likes you, he likes you.

23. The reason guys like courting a lot of girls at the same time is the alternative is pinning all your hope on one girl than risk not getting her. Guys who are willing to risk that are the bravest of us all.

24. The other reason is that guys have big egos. Take care of that, and he’s the happiest man in the world.

25. Some guys just aren’t looking for a longterm relationship. But of course, most of them won’t tell you that.

26. Personally I rather know kung walang pag-asa but I know many guys who just because the girl was upfront and honest got offended. It’s really up to your discretion how to deal with unwanted suitors.

27. It’s not a crime to look at other girls. The decent guys will at least try to be discreet.

28. Contrary to popular belief, guys don’t really talk a lot about girls. That is unless there’s a hot girl nearby. In that case, be prepared for a lot of smug grins and lively whispers.

29. Most guys don’t like talking about themselves, they would rather talk about things they know or are good at.

*Inspired by a series of conversations I had with my friend

Originally posted on Raymond’s blog, June 28, 2012

Quiddity Contributo - Raymond Rodis

Contributor: Raymond Rodis

Raymond is an ENTP/ENTJ Hybrid and a die-hard Lakers fan. He is currently in his 2nd year at the UP College of Law. A visionary. Raymond is the founder of ASPIRE Ph, a start-up training company which conducts leadership training, speech workshops, and motivational talks.

Follow his musings at raymondrodis.wordpress.com


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