Relax There Lady

Relax there Lady, I am not planning to steal your man.

He may look at me as if I’m the hottest creature he has ever seen and he may even be dreaming of me at night while he’s with you, but he isn’t going to keep me.

We may or may not have shared intimate moments or see each other’s souls in the morning, but trust me— I will never steal something that is not planning to stay.

You see Lady, he perceives me as the sun: golden and precious, vital and important, hot and passionate, and essential to his manhood; but he will never want to keep me.

Touch? Of course! Grab? Oh yes! Brag? Definitely. He would even show the world that he has me around him. But keep? For long? He cannot even if he wants too.

He will be burned by my passion and stung by my stare. He will never want to go near me again.

Relax there Lady. He will eventually realize that he has always lived with your cold heart, your numb fingers touching his lips every night, and your easy-going personality that is always stable. He will always go home to you.

The next time both of you chance upon a strong woman like me as if she is the sun that walked the earth, relax. We have always lived to be alone — strong but crying, hot but burned, passionate but scientifically measured, happy but on our own, and independent but clingy.

It takes a man to be a demigod to hold a sun and in this world of humans, we’re only fiction. Unattainable, maybe. But it doesn’t mean we’re not real.


Words: Ea Gesika Acaylar


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