A Letter From Your Future Love

As much as we would like to think that we are strong, independent women, we cannot deny the hopeless (hopeful?) romantics in us.

This piece was written as a birthday gift for one of our dear friends. This is also dedicated to all the ladies out there longing for their very own Mr. Right. This serves as a reminder that love will find us—at the right place and the right time.  For the meantime, continue to be your awesome, inspiring selves.


A Letter From Your Future Love



Hey, beautiful.

Uh oh. I know that look. There you go again with your weary eyes. You’re staring at something. Perhaps searching the crowd for me, the one you haven’t met yet. Or maybe I’m someone you already met, not just in the manner you expected. Regardless, my love, I am here. I am coming for you.

Relax. No need to worry.

I know exactly what you’ve been through because I’ve also been there. I’ve been THAT person. In my search for you, I had my fair share of breaking somebody else’s heart and having mine broken, too. I had confused a lesson for a soulmate. I’ve met people who weren’t right for me. I became someone who wasn’t right for them.  But all these were necessary to happen to become the right person for you. By the time we meet, you and I may be different people already. Do not fret. It’s not a bad thing. This just means that we are two people with a history and with a myriad of life lessons at our disposal.

I tell you, some of the best things happen in the quietest of ways.

When we meet, there will be none of those fireworks, confetti, and music on the background. Bells will not be ringing, birds will not be chirping, crowds will not be cheering. But our hearts will sing and our souls shall dance. It will be subtle, subdued. But we will recognize each other. It will feel like coming home.

We’re not each other’s halves. I’m not going to complete you, and you’re not going to complete me. But I’ll tell you this: we will be each other’s safe haven because when the right one comes along, you just know.

You deserve love. Whether it’s that butterflies-in-the stomach kind, or something gentle and reassuring, the bottom line is that you need genuine love. Do not settle for half-baked devotion from someone else because you deserve so much more. You do not even have to beg for something which should be given to you freely. You are worth it. Do not ever forget that, especially when some jerk makes you feel otherwise (if only I could turn back time and punch the men who treated you badly.) You are amazing. You don’t need other people’s validation to know that.  Never dumb down for a guy.

I will love you the best way I know how. I will love you the way you want to be loved.

I’m sorry for all the birthdays, Christmases, New Years, other momentous occasions I’ve missed, most especially Valentines Days, when you feel most alone. You keep that occasion light by being with friends but there’s always a tiny pinch in the heart with the abundance of flowers, chocolates, and kisses all around.  For all of those, I promise to make it up to you in the future.

I will probably disappoint you. But I will also surprise you. I may not be the man of your dreams (Oh how I wish I could be a dashing debonair with a British accent like that actor you’re crushing on) but I promise to be the man you asked for in your prayers. I cannot guarantee that what we will have will be a walk in the park but I promise you this: when things get hard, I will be there. I will hold your hand, take you on a stroll and help you breath. We will slow dance even if there’s no music. I will sing for you, even if it turns out that I’m out of tune.  I will buy you the food you’re craving for when you get cranky. I will not let you watch movies at the cinema alone anymore (unless you want to), because now I am here. You and I will share that popcorn and soda (I probably have to buy an extra because it’s all gone even before the movie starts), hold your hand when you get scared or excited, laugh with you, enjoy the moment with you. I will willingly accompany you to every event, show, or gatherings—not because it will be my obligation but because I genuinely enjoy your company and I want to be part of your world.  When misunderstandings arise, I promise that I will try to be calm and listen to you.

When you’re experiencing some bad days, when it gets hard to see beauty in the world, I will remind you everyday of the wonders and magic of the world. I will hold a mirror in front of you and whisper tenderly in your ear, “See, that’s beauty.” The thing is: love is not blind. I see you.  I see everything—your strengths, your eccentricities, your hopes and dreams, and most of all your flaws. But I don’t mind. I am choosing you: all of you. 

Let’s not aim for forever too soon, too quick. That’s too idealistic. Let me love you now. Let me love you everyday.  We both know forever takes time and effort and patience.  Love is a choice. And seriously, we will not always feel “in love” most of the time. That doesn’t render all what I’ve been saying void, though.  We will annoy each other. We will mess up. We will not always be our best selves. However, what we will be is real. Together, we will navigate this messy but wonderful journey called life: hand-in-hand and with our eyes wide open, welcoming this adventure. It’s going to be a bumpy road, sweetheart. But I promise: you will never be alone. Not now. Not ever.

We are not perfect people. We’ve both fantasized about our own love stories with others. We took chances. We’ve both been disillusioned when things did not turn out the way we wanted. At some point, we’ve became jaded and cynical about love.  We wanted to give up because we couldn’t handle the pain, rejection, and disappointment. But in the midst of all these imperfections, we are able to create something perfect for the both of us. Let’s always believe in the transformative power of love.

The next time you have that faraway look in your eyes, I hope you’d be filled with hope instead of longing and despair.  Because guess what:  I’m on my way. If you could maybe hold out for me for a little while? I promise I’m doing everything I can to get to where you are as fast as I can. For now, I encourage you to do what you love, to explore your options, to know yourself. Revel in your heartaches. In retrospect you will realize that these are lessons which will help you become a stronger person. Create memories with the people you care about. Fall in love with yourself.

When we finally meet, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I cannot wait to hear all about it.

Always and forever,

Your Future Love


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