How Breaking Your Heart Can Make It Whole

Recently, I crossed off something from my bucket list: develop and publish a website.

Pinoy Catalyst is an online magazine oriented towards the Philippine Development sector, aiming to inspire Filipinos to take action and be part of nation building. 

When we were conceptualizing the site, there were a lot of mixed reactions ranging from awe to inspired to “Are you crazy? Putting up your own website is hard!” With no money and no business plan, we only had idealism at our disposal. But we persisted. 

We didn’t have the money but we had the dream.

We envisioned a more critical, collaborative and proactive citizenry that is aware of their crucial role in nation building. We wanted to provide an avenue wherein people can find the  causes they want to support, discover organizations they want to be part of, and know the people they may want to work with. 

My foray into development work started when I was a student and it eventually became a career. Working in the development sector is hard. I know. Most of the time it is heartbreaking–to have to face the reality and see the condition that most of our countrymen are dealing with. BUT it is precisely this reason why development work is important. 

Because as heartbreaking as it is, it can also have the ability to put your heart back into place (and sometimes makes it grow even larger). It has the power to crush cynicism and fill your soul with hope and enthusiasm.

Development work forces you to look at the world for what it is but it gives you the strength to transform it and turn it into something that it should be. 

Putting up a website is hard and there were lots of doubts in the beginning. However, I realized that when you truly love something, when you believe in what you are doing 100%, you commit and do everything to make it work. Because it is worth it and you owe it to the people who believed in you to try. Eah (co-founder) and I found ourselves questioning the direction we were going and if what we have was enough. We encountered a lot of setbacks. But not once did we talk about quitting. No matter how big the hurdle is, our passion and love for what we do are bigger. It’s enough to trump every negative thought along the way. 

It is never easy but it can be done. Most of the time, it starts with grabbing a pen and paper. One article leads to another. One idea over a cup of coffee is transformed into a thriving website. 

Live with passion and purpose. Pursue your dreams. Find people who share the same #hugot #ParaSaBayan. Collective action leads to nation building. And as we say in Pinoy Catalyst, Take Action. Inspire Change.

This is our story.


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