The Happy Man

I met someone.

He goes to work and leaves work on time.
He strives to get enough sleep.
He works out regularly.
He even does yoga.
He dances social dance.
He plays the guitar and was once part of a band.
He takes his supplements.
He eats clean and healthy.
He prepares his own meals.
He takes care of his body.
He doesn’t drink.
He doesn’t smoke.
He spends time with his family whenever he can.
He loves oustdoor sports.
He has watched several classic films.
He reads classic novels.
He listens to audio books on personal development.
He makes friends almost everywhere he goes.
He travels a lot and he enjoys it.
He’s mindful of how he lives.
He strives to be happy.
He’s practical.
He refuses to spend 100 bucks for coffee;
He makes his own at home.
He keeps his space clean and uncluttered.
He says things the way he sees it.
He’s upfront and he does his own thing.
He’s far from perfect though.
But he’s real.

I still don’t know him that much…
But I know that just by being who he is…
Just seeing how he is…
I am driven to be the “me” I’ve always wanted to be.

Photo by Michal Parzuchowski


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