Go Out and Get Hurt

Go out and get hurt. You’ll be fine.

Go out there and face that big wall trapping you to a place that you are already familiar with. Escape if you must and don’t fear the wounds ahead for they will heal. Wounds will heal but time wasted can never be regained. Life un-lived is as good as death.

Go out and see the other side. The unfamiliar. The uncomfortable. The different.

Get hurt and learn. Feel every experience and bet your life on things you believe in. Spend your youth talking to every soul, falling into every passion, loving every encounter.

Go out and get hurt even if it entails losing a person, a familiar zone, a comfortable life.

If it is something you deserve, you will never lose it. You will get lost in the world with it.

You are strong, just know you are and you will be.

Words by Ea Acaylar
Photo by Averie Woodard

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