Prompt 1: Write a letter to the last person you kissed. (ver 2: The Prince)

For the next 30 days, we will be working on the daily writing prompts by Bianca Sparacino which we find truly inspiring.

Day 1. Write a letter to the last person you kissed.

Dear You,

Thank you.

Thank you for asking me out.
Thank you for giving me the chance to get to know you, even just for a little while.
I came to know a beautiful person.
Your passion for life and learning is truly inspiring.

I enjoy our conversations.
You are so brave to expose yourself and genuinely express your thoughts.
I am sorry I can’t be as open as you are.
I want to.
Maybe I’m just scared.
I don’t want to push you away.
But I’m not ready to let you in either.
Maybe it just takes time.
Slowly… maybe we’ll eventually become at ease with each other.
I can’t think of any other person I really want to open up to aside from you.
I am hoping we’ll get more chance to talk.
Something tells me that I can’t afford to mess this up.
You’re like a book I can’t put down.
You’re a page turner.
I look forward to every chapter of your life.
I hang on to every word written on your page.
I want to read you cover to cover.
I want to get to know the real you.

Will I ever?

The events of the past couple of days make me doubt that there would be more in this than what we already had.

You see, I’ve been fine by myself for the past couple of years until you came along.
You make me feel things I am not ready to feel yet.
You said you wanted to get to know me better.
Do you still want to?
I had been closed off these past few days.
I was not being my usual self.
I am afraid you wouldn’t like what you’d see…
and I am afraid you and I wouldn’t be what I wanted us to be.
So I thought that maybe it would be better for me to just take a step back, go back to who I really am and on what I’ve been doing;
To keep going on the path I’ve been on before you came along.
I just want to love myself more and be the best me.
I realize that I am not ready to feel yet…
No matter how much I want to.
Can we maybe travel along the path together and just be?
You’re a pretty good company.

Being completely honest with myself, I think I’ve found the male version of me. Maybe even better.
Somehow, I see in you the person I’ve always wanted to be.
Continuously growing.
I know you aren’t perfect. Me neither.
Not yet. Maybe not ever.
But at least at this moment, we both know you’re at your best.
And that is enough.
Maybe this is all we can ever hope for.
Who you are right now is enough to touch someone’s life.
You’ve touched mine.
I hope I’ve also touched yours.

— Oh crap, this letter doesn’t even give justice to how much I’m feeling right now. Can we just… go out again? I can do better than this in person  haha  —  😀

Words by Althea
Photo by Christopher Sardegna

Read Frances’ version of this letter, Version 1: The Frog


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