Happily Peaceful, Peacefully Happy: The search for peace and happiness

Last year, I met two people who taught me a lot about life:

The Happy Guy and the Peaceful Man.

Happy guy goes with the flow. Happiness is the ultimate goal, the deciding factor in everything in his life. He does what wants to do. He gives in to his heart’s desires. Happy guy knows what makes him happy and he takes it. Happy guy wants a simple life. He chose to live by the beach, surf, and just live. He goes for his happiness and takes out stress from his life. Happy guy is happy.

Peaceful man worked so hard to achieve his peace. Inner peace is his ultimate goal, the deciding factor in his relationships and goals he decides to pursue. Peaceful man gives in to his heart’s desires… for as long as it doesn’t sabotage his peace. Peaceful man knows what he wants and he takes it. Peaceful man works for — and enjoys — a grandiose life (which he rightfully deserves). Peaceful man loves the city. He carries peace within him. Peaceful man may or may not go for what makes him happy; he conserves his peace. Peaceful man is peaceful.

I gave each of them a piece of my heart.

Happy guy went for his happiness.
Peaceful man chose to live in peace.

I love my peace.
I choose peace over happiness.
For when I am at peace, I am happy.
I want the happiness that brings me peace.
I want the peace that brings me joy.

I lost both in 2016 but I’m sure I will have peace and happiness back.

There’s always peace and joy created from within — independent of the people who come and go.

I’ve had them before. I’ll have them again.

Words by Eah Antonio


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