My 2016 Gratitude Jar

Last year I had this idea of having a gratitude jar. Nothing fancy — just a jar I’d fill with notes on things I am grateful for each day or week.
Amazingly, this act became one of the most life changing moments of my year. By reflecting and seeing the good in everyday, it slowly changed my mindset. It has allowed me to reverse a bad day just by simply being grateful. 

And god, there are lots of things to be thankful for – be it a simple sunset, a productive work day, relaxing nights, to deep conversations, a family vacation, and friends who pick up the phone just when you need it the most.  

I may not have filled the jar with all 365 notes but the contents are enough to fill my heart with immense gratitude and happiness. 

This 2017, make it a daily habit to look around you and see the goodness in everything and everyone. 


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