Late Night Musings

So this is how your typical day goes:

You try to act like a cool, sane functional adult even when various thoughts and worries cross your mind all the time.

On good days you travel. You go that soul-searching path. And when you get back, you find yourself alone with your thoughts again.
On a typical day, you are browsing the web, looking for job prospects. You realize how tough the world is out there.
You find yourself crying at 10:30 in the night, feeling like you’ve lost your sense of purpose. 
This is aggravated by some social media posts showing you how some people are doing better – at finances, at ‘adulting’, at relationships.
You just want to tell somebody (or the world) what you’re feeling at this moment but you hold back and think: “Who wants to read about some millennial’s breakdown online?”
Social media doesn’t work like that. People want to know the good things. Most of them are only interested on that perfectly curated wall that you’ve created.
You’re aimless. Jobless. Frustrated and anxious about the future.
Then the universe sends you some gentle reminders courtesy of friends, telling you that everything will be okay. That you’re enough. That your advocacy inspires others. That what you’re doing matters. That you have a space in this world and it’s just been there waiting all along for you to finally claim it.
You take a deep breath. You want to believe in them. So you start to.
More importantly, you start believing in yourself again.

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