the essential nature or quality of something that makes it different and distinct from other things and establishes its identity.

Quiddity is a website chronicling the life and times of young professionals as seen through the eyes of individuals struggling to find their place in the world.

Who are we? What do we want?

These are just some questions that although we still don’t have answers to, Quiddity attempts to understand in the hopes that one day, we will figure these out. Eventually.

Quiddity is a peek into the unique, distinctive journey of every 20-somethings: their inner thoughts, struggles, aspirations, and passions and how they navigate through the highs and lows of self-discovery.

Quiddity - FrancesFrances

pensive (n.)

Introspective and dreamily thoughtful, Frances is always in deep thought. She believes that ideas can change the world especially when these are put into action. A writer by heart, she translates her ideas into words which she hopes would resonate with people.

Quiddity - EahEah

plenitude (n.)

Breaking limits and boxes, Eah doesn’t subscribe to absolute labels. She respects the multiplicity and differences of ways, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and understanding. Eah remains open to possibilities and embraces the complexity of her multifaceted entirety.

Quiddity - KarrKarryl

wonder (n.)

Coming from a family of passionate broadcast practitioners, Karryl had developed an inclination to the arts at an early age. She enjoys seeing the beauty of the world through different lenses – television, movies, photography and music. Karryl believes that no person is “too boring” to be able to write. All it takes is widening one’s perspective through experience, or even just finding new ways at looking at the mundane.


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