To Eah, for her 24th 

Because it is worth celebrating, no matter what. ————- I’ve wanted to start this birthday letter with a comprehensive list on how to celebrate your day but I changed my mind at the last minute. Just because I think we’re done making lists–at least for the time being. I suppose I do want you to spontaneously enjoy your day and to allow the universe to … Continue reading To Eah, for her 24th 

How Breaking Your Heart Can Make It Whole

Recently, I crossed off something from my bucket list: develop and publish a website. Pinoy Catalyst is an online magazine oriented towards the Philippine Development sector, aiming to inspire Filipinos to take action and be part of nation building.  When we were conceptualizing the site, there were a lot of mixed reactions ranging from awe to inspired to “Are you crazy? Putting up your own website … Continue reading How Breaking Your Heart Can Make It Whole

A Letter From Your Future Love

As much as we would like to think that we are strong, independent women, we cannot deny the hopeless (hopeful?) romantics in us. This piece was written as a birthday gift for one of our dear friends. This is also dedicated to all the ladies out there longing for their very own Mr. Right. This serves as a reminder that love will find us—at the … Continue reading A Letter From Your Future Love

For When You Are Tired And Feeling Lost

I have a confession to make. It’s an admission that is hard to come by especially at this day and age where almost everyone is “on the go,” or “chronically busy.” It happens to a lot of people but not everyone is ready to acknowledge the matter. It must be the pride. When was it ever easy admitting that you lost your cool? There you are, treading through … Continue reading For When You Are Tired And Feeling Lost

The Big “C”

I didn’t know the specifics of the disease, only that I had an ominous feeling about it. The topic was briefly discussed in my biology class during my high school days: the cells in the body suddenly have a mind of their own, reproducing at an alarmingly fast rate without the body’s permission, from a faulty gene in the body. Perhaps I possessed a certain degree of … Continue reading The Big “C”