The World As We Know It

There are stories we grew up with that we’ve always thought were just stories from somewhere—so close to our own or a friend or family’s personal experiences and yet far enough to actually touch.

And then there are stories that become our own narrative where time exists in the here and the now. Stories that unravel; that we currently live through that looks awfully similar to our loved ones. Friends. Then the world.

Suddenly, it becomes our collective story to tell.

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Old School

When I was a teenager, which was over a decade ago, me and my friends passed out a notebook—each free to write their thoughts and stories. My adolescent years unraveled at a time when writing in pen and paper were very much practiced; when the internet was just booming and blogs and social media did not dominate our daily lives yet. That notebook was an … Continue reading Old School

To Eah, for her 24th 

Because it is worth celebrating, no matter what. ————- I’ve wanted to start this birthday letter with a comprehensive list on how to celebrate your day but I changed my mind at the last minute. Just because I think we’re done making lists–at least for the time being. I suppose I do want you to spontaneously enjoy your day and to allow the universe to … Continue reading To Eah, for her 24th 

How Breaking Your Heart Can Make It Whole

Recently, I crossed off something from my bucket list: develop and publish a website. Pinoy Catalyst is an online magazine oriented towards the Philippine Development sector, aiming to inspire Filipinos to take action and be part of nation building.  When we were conceptualizing the site, there were a lot of mixed reactions ranging from awe to inspired to “Are you crazy? Putting up your own website … Continue reading How Breaking Your Heart Can Make It Whole