Old School

When I was a teenager, which was over a decade ago, me and my friends passed out a notebook—each free to write their thoughts and stories. My adolescent years unraveled at a time when writing in pen and paper were very much practiced; when the internet was just booming and blogs and social media did not dominate our daily lives yet. That notebook was an … Continue reading Old School

Quarter of a Century

There is a certain psychological and societal pressure in turning a quarter of a century.

Because turning 25 also means re-evaluating the decisions you’ve made, the life goals you want to achieve, measuring their impact, and becoming more self-aware. This is ‘adulting’ at its peak. Continue reading Quarter of a Century

To Eah, for her 24th 

Because it is worth celebrating, no matter what. ————- I’ve wanted to start this birthday letter with a comprehensive list on how to celebrate your day but I changed my mind at the last minute. Just because I think we’re done making lists–at least for the time being. I suppose I do want you to spontaneously enjoy your day and to allow the universe to … Continue reading To Eah, for her 24th