FRANCES I think there aren’t really mixed signals. We, ladies, just like to think of it that way. The best way to deal with these confusing men is to not get yourself confused with their words and actions. Actions speak louder than words. So even though he says, “I would really like to see you” but there’s never any follow through, consider him disinterested. Trust … Continue reading

 When they say “Leave me alone”, do they actually mean the opposite? If so, why can’t they just be direct to the point? -Gelo Karryl Yeah, I guess we do often mean the opposite of what we say. We have a thing for reverse psychology. For some reason, we like saying “leave me alone,” because it feels good to be wooed. In other words, gusto … Continue reading

Why do ‘good girls’ prefer ‘bad boys?’ -Roan Frances I don’t think we are attracted to ‘bad boys’ in as much as we are attracted to confidence. And bad boys have a lot of confidence and charm in them. In an evolutionary perspective, women are drawn to these so-called ‘bad boys’ because they exude manliness and mystery. The promise of adventure and a break from … Continue reading